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Pilates Equipment Training

'A healthy body is a prerequisite 

to happiness' Joseph Pilates'

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Personal training

 Personal Training is a program specifically designed for you. All exercises are carefully selected to assist you in achieving your goals. These can be related to back issues, knee or shoulder problems or post op.  

Athletes can increase strength and mobilty, or improve their performance through specifically chosen exercises.


It is also ideal as a gentle exercise routine during and after pregnancy.

Appointments via phone 

079 920 31 26

or Email:



In the duet classes you are both receiving your personalised program like you would in a PT session. You and your training partner can have different goals and abilities, you will each receive your very own workout specifically tailored to your needs and goals. 


In the case of one of you not making a class we can arrange a PT for the other person.

Appointments via phone 

079 920 31 26

or Email:

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