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The Studio

The studio is located at the top end of Freie Strasse in the center of Basel. It's on the 5th floor in a light and bright space. 

The studio offers Mat Group classes with a maximum of 10 participants (a mix of face to face and online).

And Personal Training or Duet on the traditional Pilates equipment.

My goal is to offer Pilates classes at the highest level for all levels and ages. The traditional Pilates principles of breathing, centering, concentration, control, flow and precision are integrated in all classes. ​


Through continuous training and further education, the classes are kept varied and interesting. I pass on my knowledge and skills to my clients and staff, so as many as possbile can benefit from the latest developments in the Pilates world. ​


With this commitment I would like to create the starting point for a healthy body for you.

Josef Pilates said: 'Physical health is the foundation for happiness!'

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