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Precision Pilates in Basel

Take your flexibility, strength, endurance and core-control to the next level

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Mat classes are a great way to improve your deep muscles, gain flexibility and strength. Mat classes are suited for all ages, however not suitable for people with acute injuries or pregnant woman. 

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Personal Training is a great way to achieve your personal goals. Ideal for injury rehabilitation, sports specific training, pregnant clients and anyone who really wants to get to the depth of their Pilates experience on the traditional Pilates equipment.


Want all the benefits of Personal Training but you'd rather train with a friend? Then this is the way to go. You will both receive individual programs, so it doesn't matter what your goals or injuries are, you work independent on your own needs, level and goals, just at the same time as your training buddy.

Welcome to Precision Pilates in Basel

Precision Pilates offers contemporary classes based on the traditional principles of Joseph Pilates. 

Develop the basics for a healthy movement patterns.

Beginners, intermediate and advanced classes are offered, so there are classes for everyone!!!

I also offer training for pregnant woman, sport specific training, rehab and functional strength training. These sessions are individually designed to cater to your level and requirements and you'll be using the traditional Pilates equipment.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

Why Pilates?

Pilates strengthens the deepest muscles of your body. It's a gentle form of exercises, but very effective and anyone can do a form of Pilates. Pilates increases mobility while strengthen all muscles. As you progress with your Pilates journey, your core endurance will be challenged and improved. 

You will learn HOW to move your body efficiently and can apply your new found awareness in your day to day actions. 

If you want to know how Pilates can improve your lifestyle, call today! 079 920 31 26

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What is Pilates? 


Pilates is a form of exercise, that strengthens the body from the deepest muscles, often referred to as your core. Your core muscles are like a cylinder around your organs and form the deepest layer of muscles.

Once you have mastered using the deepest muscles, you will progress to the more integrated exercises which also incorporate the bigger muscles. That way you will have a perfectly balanced body from inside out.

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